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If your current service provider isn’t up to par with the cost or service you require you’re most likely considering consolidating your domains or you’re ready to domain transfer to another provider or simply just use another provider’s domain registration. We’re here to assist. Our goal is to provide a platform where you can easily register a domain name as well as transfer your domain name to our platform.

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Our Best Solutions to Your Domain Name

Domain Registration

Registration can be difficult when the domain name you want to register is already registered and you do not have another option to pick from. By using our domain name search, you can select the domain name you’re searching for and then register it using a different domain extension if the primary name you’re seeking is already taken.

Domain Transfer

Moving your domain names onto a trusted service is essential to protect your domain and improve the security to protect the domain. We have the most effective security configurations which almost guarantee your domain is secure when you use us. This is done by layers of firewalls.

SSL Certification

Enhance your websites and domain security by purchasing the SSL certificate. We offer you an SSL certificate once you purchase commercial or premium Web Hosting plans in addition to any domain services that you purchase.

Why Register a Domain with Rackset?


We are a trusted service provider to thousands of customers who believe that our system is reliable.

Make sure that the domain is not expired with our push-notification system.

Security for domain names is what differentiates us from other domain name registrars.

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Our support team is available to assist you in changing your DNS to another host or to our nameservers.

Auto-renewal will start when you purchase the domain from us or transfer a domain to us.

Security for domain names is what differentiates us from other domain name registrars.

Popular Domain Extensions


This domain was initially intended to be used by non-profit firms, but now it’s the most popular choice for all users.


The extension was initially utilized to connect internet service providers and networks.


The extension was initially designed for not-for-profit organizations such as charities.


This extension is the best domain name possible for websites that would like to talk about various kinds of information.


The .co extension is a well-known abbreviation for corporation, company, or commercial.


This extension provides your shop an intuitive URL with unique and unique keyword possibilities.


This extension could also be used on websites offering advice on how to lead in a healthy way, and to be in harmony.


This domain extension gained a huge number of followers due to the letters it uses. 


The professional domain is a generic top-level domain within the Domain Name System of the Internet.


This extension is utilized by many clubs, associations, interest, celebrities, organizations as well as businesses.


The .ai extension is designed specifically for websites that use artificial intelligence. It is perfect for the AI industry and AI startups.


 A .io domain name could be an alternative to creating a long and complicated domain name.


It is dedicated to tech-related matters, .tech domains are transforming the namespace on the internet for the tech-related community.


The extension is the perfect option for bloggers. .blog is a multi-use extension that is able to be used by anyone.


.me domains are perfect for CV and personalized websites. In addition, it is perfect for personal branding websites.

How to Pick a Great Domain Name?

Choose an Easy to Pronounce and Spell Domain Name
Always choose a domain name that is simple to spell, remember, and pronounce.
Keep It Short
Keep your domain name short, you can almost guarantee that people will be able to remember the name you've picked for your service.
Stay Unique
Don't attempt to imitate your competitors' websites or other sites. Create a distinctive name that defines your business.
Do Your Domain Registration with Us
Buy cheap domain names from us, and pick from the thousands of extensions for domains we provide, in addition to additional security.
Register Your Domain Now

How to Transfer Your Domain Names to Rackset?

Are you thinking about the possibility of moving your domain? You’re probably dissatisfied with your current situation. Let’s help you in understanding the process of the transfer of domains.

Restore Your Domain's Access

save each piece of content you'd like to keep. Then start transfers of the domain using your current provider. In most instances, this means that you'll require an authorization key (Auth-ID) from the registrar of your domain.

Check the Expiration Date on Domains

More than 7 days are left to the expiration date for the desired domain. Also, +60 days have passed since that date on which the domain was renewed or registered.

Locate the EPP Code

Get your EPP code to request your domain transfer number from the registry you used previously and be able to obtain your transfer request approved.

Enter your domain and EPP code

The domain's name is required and the transfer code in the registry for your destination.

Verify Your Domain Transfer Email

After you've entered the authorization code and then clicked the authorize button then you'll be contacted by your former registry as well as your new registrar who will be able to transfer domain ownership. You'll have to confirm your email address, and then confirm the transfer.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Take note that the domain transfer process generally ranges between 5 and 7 days; however, it could take longer if the information you've provided isn't up-to-date or they're not able to confirm your identity.

Meet Our Support Team

Professional and experienced VPS hosting support team is just a phone call away.

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Looking for something else?

WordPress website design and development

We are able to provide customized WordPress web design and development. We have specialists in the field of WordPress who will take care of everything related to WordPress, from zero to 100. We design unique WordPress themes along with WordPress plug-ins that are specifically designed for your website.

Best web hosting and server hosting services

We offer servers that are reliable service and also web-hosting services that are available online. We provide affordable web hosting plans that include cloud-based web hosting as well as shared hosting that makes moving domain name to a new host as simple as it can be if you purchase a hosting plan with us.

SSL Certification

Improve your website’s security and SEO rankings by buying an SSL certificate. We provide an SSL certificate when you buy premium or commercial Web Hosting packages. Alongside the hosting plan, we provide no-cost SSL certification for any other services you might consider buying in the future.

Email Services

The email address of your domain such as [email protected] could help your business or image appear more professional and increase trust with prospects, customers, and clients. It could boost the popularity of your website as well as your business.

Rackset's Domain Registration FAQ

Domain names are your site’s name. Domain names are the address at which Internet users are able to access your site. Domain names are used to identify and locate machines that are connected to the Internet. Computers utilize IP addresses which are a string of numbers. But it’s very difficult to recall a string of numbers. This is why domain names were created and utilized to identify the entities on the Internet instead of using IP addresses.

A domain name may comprise any number of characters or numbers. It can be combined with the domain name extensions, including .com, .net, and more.

The domain name extension is the final component of a domain’s name. For instance, for “” the extension for domain names is .com. It is also possible to see domain name extensions being referred to by the term top-level domains (TLDs). Your domain name and name extension give you an active domain name your intended audience can input into their browsers to get access to your site.

To obtain a domain name it is necessary to find a registrar who is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is a non-profit organization responsible for the coordination of all the numerical spaces on the internet.

When you’ve decided on a domain name you’re ready to buy it. If you purchase domain names from us we’ll notify you of the cost per year for the domain name, as well as any discounts that are available. In the checkout process, you’ll need to input your contact details such as an email address to create the domain.

Domain transfers are the procedure of changing the domain registration from one registry into another. In order to be capable of transferring your domain, you have to be at your current registrar for at least 60 days as ICANN requires a 60-day change of Registrant Lock.

Transferring domains generally takes about seven days to complete. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration, like cooperating with the previous registry, and also the owner, who is responsible for ensuring the site is secured with the correct authorization code.

There are several methods to determine whether the name of the website you’re looking for is in stock. The most straightforward method is to type in the domain name that you’re interested in in our search box. We’ll let you know whether the domain is open to register.

A transfer lock is described as the registrar lock or a domain lock. The transfer lock is used to secure your domain from being lost or stolen. Each domain is secured with the transfer lock. However, there are a small number of TLDs that use an alternative method to secure the domain.

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If the information here is not enough and you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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