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Designing a website for your business can be a very practical and effective method of reaching a new audience. Companies with a better online presence are able to increase their sales and thrive their business. WordPress is one of the main systems for creating a website. WordPress makes it possible to easily manage and design websites that have powerful functions. We have a strong background and experience in designing WordPress websites, and we’re happy to work with you to realize your projects.

Our WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress Website Design

We have dedicated WordPress website design plans where we can build wholly unique websites tailored to you and your company’s needs. Dedicated website plans allow high levels of customization, both in appearance and functionality. WordPress can assist you in starting your online presence and increasing revenue.
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WordPress Website Development

With our WordPress website development plans, you can tweak and change your existing WordPress website. We can make any required changes to your website. These changes can be anything from debugging the website and fixing potential issues to adding whole new sections to the website.
ecommerce website design

E-commerce Website Design

We can use the Woocommorce plugin to build powerful E-commerce websites designed to increase your sales and put your company on the map. Woocommorce is one of the best tools for creating online shopping platforms and we can use it to create the best shopping experience for you and your customers. Just tell us what you’re looking for.

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We’re happy to talk and discuss any WordPress website design projects with you and come up with a price estimation. We have extensive experience in WordPress website design and development and would love to share our thoughts with you.

Why Rackset

We’re a WordPress website development agency based in the United States. Our focus has always been to provide the website possible solutions to our clients while keeping the costs at a minimum. We’re always looking to hire the best and brightest in this field and to ultimately provide a high-class service to our clients. We aspire to be among the best in this field. We have specialization in developing custom WordPress websites, designing based on templates, or creating a full e-commerce platform. We have experience working for different types of companies and agencies in various different fields.

Our WordPress Website Design Case Studies

Here are some examples of case studies based on previous projects we have been involved with:

Our Solutions

Custom Design

We can design a wholly unique theme for your WordPress website based on your exact specifications. No pre-made assets, no reused graphical designs. Everything will be unique to your site. WordPress custom design allows you to stand out from the competition and make a name for your business. In today’s world, your online presence can be a huge factor in determining the level of success. We can design elaborate and detailed custom websites that fully serve as the platform to launch your business in the online world.

Semi-dedicated Design

With a semi-dedicated project, we will use an existing template to build your website based on that. A semi-dedicated site provides excellent performance at an affordable price. Utilizing a semi educated web design plan has various advantages, for example you will incur less costs compared to a dedicated plan, which can be beneficial for a newly established business.Another considerable advantage is the short time frame for finishing the project. You can have your website up and running in no time with your semi dedicated plans, while maintaining a professional and powerful website.

Debugging WordPress Websites

Have any performance issues? We can evaluate the performance and resolve potential issues within your site. Anything from front-end deficiencies to backup coding issues can be fixed. Do you have questions on how to debug a WordPress site? Well, our team is ready to assist you in that manner as well. We have extensive training and plans for debugging WordPress websites and we can share that knowledge with your business as a part of our WordPress debug packages. While using your websites on a daily basis, it is very important to be able to debug the website and solve potential issues that could arise.

Developing a WordPress Website

We have the ability to add new sections to an existing site or to expand its capabilities. Adding an eCommerce portal to your website has never been easier. By choosing our WordPress website development packages, you can rest assured that your active website will be carefully evaluated and the changes you require will be added to the website while maintaining the performance of the website at the highest level. Our development team aims to add quality and useful functionalities to your website and make any and all changes you desire. WordPress website development is at the core of your work.

Our WordPress Web Design Process

1. Research and Info
The first stage starts by gathering information about your business and the project overall. For example, what field is your business active in? What do your competitors offer on their website and how have they gone about the design.
2. UI & UX Design
After we have an idea of the overall design, we move to the stage where we develop the UI and UX of your website. Essentially, we come up with how your website is going to look like and what the actual experience of working with the site will feel like.
3. Prototype Development
After the UI & UX design has been finalized, we develolme the initial prototype or demo based on those designs. The demo will be presented to your and your input taken into account. Any necessary changes to the design will be made at this stage.
4. QA & Testing
When the demo has been agreed upon by all parties, we will move to the QA and testing phase. At this stage we test the website in every manner possible and make sure that it is completely bug-free and the experience is as intended with performance at the required level.
5. Deployment
After the successful conclusion of the testing phase, we will finally deploy your website. At this state the website will be available through the World Wide Web and your customers and everyone else will have access to it.
6. Evaluation
The final stage is to evaluate the performance of the website at a production level. It’s important to always ensure the highest level of performance while the website is under heavy load. Finalizing changes can be made at this stage if necessary.

Why WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management system that we currently have. A considerable portion of websites today are powered by WordPress.

With a large community behind WordPress, you can expect excellent online support through forums and discussion boards as well as fast and constant development with the WordPress platform.

WordPress is the best choice for designing a search engine optimized web application because it is inherently designed with SEO in mind. Its template-based nature also brings up different possibilities, such as less time needed for development and design, easier management of the content, and more uniform content across the website.

We have extensive experience in designing, developing, and maintaining WordPress websites, and we will be delighted to share our experiences with you and kickstart your business.

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What Makes Us Different

Responsive Design

Our focus is to make sure your website always looks and performs the best, no matter what screen it is displayed on. WordPress responsive design is crucial for a modern website, that’s why it is a major part of your design plans. We give the highest level of attention in this field and make sure our websites are totally compatible with every screen out there. It’s important to offer a website that performs universally across all screen sizes.

Fair and Affordable Prices

We choose to set fair prices that help you accomplish your goals and also values our work.Affordable WordPress website design has been the hallmark of your success for years and we are very proud of that. We pride ourselves in helping up-and-coming businesses to set up and create their dream website and help them flourish into a thriving business. We will always make sure to have fair and balanced prices.


We try to design the best functioning website possible and bring the highest level of performance to your website or application. It’s very important to know how to improve WordPress website performance. Having a slow and unoptimized website will drag down the overall success of a business and could actually end up being a hindrance and a poor mark for the reputation of the company. We will always prioritize performance.

Elite Designers & Developers

We only hire the best. We have a strict hiring process because we need to make sure we can offer the best services to your customers. We can offer the best to our customers because we have always ensured to hire the best WordPress designers and developers and to give them the tools they need to best serve our customers. We believe our customers deserve the best and it is our job to offer them that experience.

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