Choose Your Best Server Hosting

The server type you choose affects aspects like speed, security as well as scalability, and managing the level of your website. Your choice is also based upon the kind of site you own and the volume of traffic you receive. In the realm of web hosting, there are a variety of options to put your website online, for example, VPS server, dedicated server, etc. But, all of them specifically cater to the owners of websites’ requirements – no matter if they happen to be large or small.

Dedicated Server

Why should you buy a dedicated server? They are usually considered to be the best option for web hosting. It’s because you’ve got an individual server that belongs to you only. There are a lot of advantages with dedicated hostings, like more uptime and higher speeds.

Bare Metal Server

The expression bare metal refers to the physical part of hosting, i.e. the entire hardware. The best bare-metal server is exactly the same as the dedicated server or a single-tenant server. It is a physical machine specially made to run dedicated services with no interference for a long time. It is robust, reliable, and solid.

Windows VPS

Selecting a reliable and affordable hosting plan for a Windows VPS server isn’t easy considering the variety of hosting options offered on the market. To choose the right hosting plan you should have a clear knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks associated with Windows VPS hosting.

Cloud Server

Cloud servers are computing servers that are virtualized to make their resources available to users from a remote network. Cloud server hosting is designed to perform the same functions as traditional servers, run a similar operating system (OSes) and software, and provide the same performance as traditional physical servers that operate in local data centers. Cloud servers are commonly called virtual servers as well as virtual private servers as well as virtual platforms.

VPS Server

VPS Web Hosting is among the latest types of web hosting that has just recently gained popularity. A cheap VPS server refers to a Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting can be an area of confusion for a lot of people and businesses looking for a web hosting service for the development of their Internet ventures. The reason is that it is an amalgamation of dedicated and shared hosting.

Forex VPS

Forex VPS hosting is a crucial option for those who trade in forex mostly because it offers an environment that is a safer (and significantly faster) market. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the fact that the best Forex VPS for trading hosting services is an independent service and is not provided by a forex broker. This means that after you have opened an account on the forex trading VPS, you must integrate the server with the trading system you use. Trade even when your power is cut off: If you depend on automation for trading then you are able to trade even if your power is cut off.

Managed VPS

Managed Virtual Private Server hosting provides more personal service by the service provider. The host assumes the responsibility for maintenance of the hardware and software installation, as well as updates, and technical assistance. It’s true that this takes away some of the control that you enjoy on an unmanaged server, but it compensates by providing professional assistance by industry experts.

Linux Server

Linux is usually the preferred option for companies that are starting out, while Microsoft is the most popular preference for larger businesses. Companies that are in the middle of large and start-up companies ought to consider VPS. A cheap Linux VPS server is the go-to option for most of these companies.

Minecraft Server

There are an estimated 126 million gamers around the world, Minecraft remains one of the most popular online multiplayer games for role-playing (MMORPGs). If you’ve tried playing Minecraft using your home internet connection, you’ve likely felt the frustration of delays and other issues with connectivity could be. This is why a lot of gamers have been looking for the best Minecraft server hosting.

Rackset's Server Hosting Features

Superior performance

Our specialists have improved the performance of our server hosting plans. They provide exceptional performance at the most affordable cost. You can become the administrator of your server, and enjoy the versatility of any of the server web hosting plans.

Permanent Availability

We employ robust environments that are stable with high uptime. We assure you the service will have a minimum of downtime so that you can concentrate on expanding your business.

The Latest Technology

We are constantly working to research and develop new technologies to enable users to access their secure server hosting via the internet and avoid the need to visit physical stores.

Storage and RAM that Can Be Scale

Large and small businesses are trying to grow their client base and revenues. High traffic spikes are difficult to handle with the inadequate resources in cloud or shared hosting solutions. This is the reason why we are one of the best server hosting providers since anything that we offer is scalable.


We handle the interconnect hardware that powers your server. This ensures 99.9 percent uptime. It is not necessary to be concerned about the server being up and running, or in the event that any configurations fail.

High Speed

Even our cheap server hosting plans are easy to set up to offer the ideal combination of processing and storage to meet your demands. You can make hundreds of configurations to your server to ensure that you can choose the equipment which best meets your needs.

Highly Efficient Hardware

Get the most powerful SSDs to experience 3x the speed and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, you get KVM virtualization that gives you complete control of the hardware's resources.

NVME Hard Drive

Improved performance is possible with SSD NVMe drives fitted on all of our server web hosting plans, no matter whether you choose the cheap server hosting or the best server hosting we have to offer, we have NVMe available.

99.99% Uptime

Each of our server hosting services that we offer is monitored by specialists who supervise every single aspect of a server. This assures that the server can run efficiently and almost 99% of the time.

Rackset's More Server Hosting Features

Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed hosting provides 20x speedier hosting than conventional solutions. Which is installed on all of our secure server hosting solutions.

DDoS Protection

All of our hosting packages come with DDoS protection. This will make it less probable that your site is down because of a DDoS attack. Our servers are secured by firewalls.

Enterprise Firewall

Future-generation firewalls ought to be thought of. They can protect against intrusion and web applications. In addition, they protect against malware and viruses that might have found their way into your server.

High privacy

The past has demonstrated that malware and viruses typically have a difficult time breaking through the secure server hosting platforms. With the pre-installed enterprise firewall on all of our server hosting plans, we guarantee your privacy.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our best server hosting is able to handle unlimited bandwidth, which can be used for inbound and outgoing data. A standard bandwidth rate of 1Gbit/s is offered.

Litespeed Web Server

Even our cheap server hosting comes with the popular cPanel control panel to make sure that our clients can easily manage and work with their server. With cPanel you can manage every single detail of your server, even the DNS and webmail that we offer.

Email Service

Our Email service is a service that makes sure that your emails are delivered quickly and are not contaminated by spam. Our mail servers forward outgoing messages through your server web hosting. Our mail servers are equipped with an IP reputation that is beneficial to you.

10 GB Port

High-speed connections are available for all server hosting choices. More importantly, our cloud servers. The ability to be ubiquitous is an important benefit. Cloud users can access their cloud information from anywhere that has the internet.

Highly Efficient Monitoring System

All servers are monitored via our cloud services. Anti-virus software has been installed and firewalls are turned on. This protects your website from cyber-attacks. In addition, our team of experts is constantly monitoring all of our services.

Free Website Migration

No cost website transfers from any other hosting service to our servers under the assistance of our expert. We also manage anything from zero to 100 without data loss or privacy compromise.

Money Refund Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with the service we provide on our servers, we'll give you a full refund within the first 7 days following the date your payment account has been established.

Professional 24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team of experts with years of experience who can handle anything you ask them. They are available 24/7 and can help you with anything you need.

Live Chat Support

In addition to our powerful and simple user ticketing process, our specialists are on hand 24 hours a day to assist you with all your queries via the live chat feature that can be found on our website.

Regular Backups

The past has demonstrated that malware and viruses typically have a difficult time breaking through the secure server hosting platforms. With the pre-installed enterprise firewall on all of our server hosting plans, we guarantee your privacy.

Efficient Monitoring System

All servers are monitored via our cloud services. Anti-virus software has been installed and firewalls are turned on. This protects your website from cyber-attacks.

Operating Systems Available on Rackset's VPS Services

Windows VPS hosting is the ideal option to host websites for people who require the security and speed from a server dedicated for affordable costs. It's a blend of both.

A Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a great alternative for those who wish to manage their own website either through FTP or a database.

Our Datacenter Locations​

Choose any of the data centers located in Europe as well as the USA to enhance the experience of your customers.


We have data centers located across the USA to increase the speed of our servers for our customers in the US.


Alongside our US-based servers there are data centers situated in Germany as well as several other countries in Europe.

What Is the Reason We Require Server Hosting Instead of Hosting Web Services?

Utilizing and managing your personal hosting server (dedicated hosting) is an option if you’re an established business that has lots of visitors that are coming to your website. Not sharing resources with other websites is okay so long you have the technical team to manage the server.

In the majority of cases, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, the only viable alternative is to use a web hosting service, regardless of whether it’s shared cloud hosting, VPS or shared. If your website grows rapidly and you have the financial and human resources to back up your server, then it could become the following step.

But, increasingly larger companies are opting to host their websites using cloud servers. This is due to the advantages of cloud hosting.

Web Hosting Services FAQ

VPS is the abbreviation for the term ” VPS” which means Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is among the most well-known hosting services that you can pick for your site. It utilizes virtualization technology to give you specific (private) resources on servers hosting several users.

It’s a more secure and reliable option as opposed to shared hosting in which there isn’t an exclusive server space. But, it’s less expensive and more affordable than renting a complete server.

VPS hosting is generally used by owners of websites with moderate-level traffic that is greater than the limit that shared hosting services can provide, yet they don’t require the power of dedicated servers.

A VPS takes about one hour. If you’ve purchased a plan from our dedicated servers it will take up to three working days.

If you buy the virtual server or any of our server-related services you will be only the owner of the information you store and nobody other than our staff will have the access to your server or data.

If you ever require an increase in RAM, CPU, or hard disk, you are able to upgrade each of them individually and upgrade the plan for future plans.

No. If you are planning to set up the website using your hosting server you will require a domain name. Which you can also purchase from us.

There are no backup services available for servers. If you require it, make a backup request via email or through our ticketing system.

Yes, Within the first 7 days after you have purchased any service you can get a full refund.

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