Domain Transfers Conveniently

If your current provider does not offer you the price or support you require, you’re looking to consolidate your domains or maybe it’s time for an upgrade and move your domain name. We’re here to help. Our aim is to make the change process as easy as it can be to let you focus on more crucial things that matter in your daily life.

.com 11.48$  > 8.5$           .net 13.10$ > 10.20$            .info 10.98$ > 7.20$

Why Transfer Your Domain Name

Reduce the complexity of your domain portfolio and ensure that all your domains are in one account. Control your domains easily by having access 24 hours a day to the robust administration features that are provided through our user console. If you keep your domains all in one area, you can avoid the danger of losing the track of a single or several domains, thus reducing the risk of an accidental expiry. When you have all your domains in one place will also help you save on administration costs.

Trusted Service Provider

Our modern infrastructure and friendly support staff will ensure you enjoy a superior overall experience.

Cost Reductions

Looking for savings? You'll get some of the most competitive domain transfer rates available on the marketplace, and also save on renewals.

Prevent the Domain from Being Expired

It's not difficult to transfer the domain. It's simple to manage them as well as make sure when to renew them.

Simple Transfer

Transferring a domain from one registry has been simpler! Receive assistance and guidance from our experts whenever you require it.

24-hour Support

Support team is always available to assist in transferring your domain's name or to change your DNS to a different host or our nameservers.

Popular Domain Extensions

Our domain transfer cost is close to nothing and often free with some of the popular domain name extensions that we offer and support on our platform.

.com - 8.5$

This domain was initially intended to be used by non-profit firms, but now it’s the most popular choice for all users.

.net - 10.20$

The extension was initially utilized to connect internet service providers and networks.

.org - 8.50$

The extension was initially designed for not-for-profit organizations such as charities.

.info - 7.20$

This extension is the best domain name possible for websites that would like to talk about various kinds of information.

.co - 23.95$

The .co extension is a well-known abbreviation for corporation, company, or commercial.

.shop - 30.5$

This extension provides your shop an intuitive URL with unique and unique keyword possibilities.

.live - 21.5$

This extension could also be used on websites offering advice on how to lead in a healthy way, and to be in harmony.

.xyz - 10.2$

This domain extension gained a huge number of followers due to the letters it uses. 

.pro - 15.2$

The professional domain is a generic top-level domain within the Domain Name System of the Internet.

.club - 12.6$

This extension is utilized by many clubs, associations, interest, celebrities, organizations as well as businesses.

.ai - 67.4$

The .ai extension is designed specifically for websites that use artificial intelligence. It is perfect for the AI industry and AI startups.

.io - 31.6$

 A .io domain name could be an alternative to creating a long and complicated domain name.

.tech - 42.8$

It is dedicated to tech-related matters, .tech domains are transforming the namespace on the internet for the tech-related community.

.blog - 22.7$

The extension is the perfect option for bloggers. .blog is a multi-use extension that is able to be used by anyone.

.me - 17.2$

.me domains are perfect for CV and personalized websites. In addition, it is perfect for personal branding websites.

Transfer Your Domain Name Simply

Are you researching the possibility of transferring your domain? You’re likely unhappy with the present situation. Let’s try to assist you in understanding the domain transfer process.

Unblock Your Domain

Save every piece of content you want to keep, and then initiate the transfer of your domain with your current service. In the majority of cases, this would mean that you'll need to obtain an authorization code (Auth-ID) at your domain registrar.

Verify the date of expiry for domains

More than 7 days are left to the expiration date for the desired domain. Also, +60 days have passed since that date on which the domain was renewed or registered.

Find the EPP Code

Request your domain transfer number at the previous registry and be able to have your transfer request endorsed.

Enter your domain and EPP code

Enter your domain's name, along with the transfer code into the registry of your destination.

Verify Your Domain Transfer Email

When you've entered the authorization code and clicked the authorize button, you'll be contacted by both your previous registrar as well as the new registrar to change domain ownership. You'll be required to verify your email information and then officially accept the transfer.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Take note that domain transfer time generally takes between 5 and 7 days, but it may be longer if your information is not up-to-date or if they're unable to verify your identity.

Why Transfer Your Domain Name to Rackset?

No Tech Skills Required

To transfer a domain to us you don’t need any technical skills. It’s all pretty straightforward and you can handle everything on your own in the control panel of your account or contact the support team.

Trusted Domain Name Registrar

High-quality hosting, with top quality and the best costs for domains. We’re a trusted name by millions of customers and recognized by reputable companies and Service providers for TLDs. Choose a reputable domain provider with the highest level of assurance and exclusive live chat support on-site.

Privacy Protection for Domain Locking

Your domain’s privacy is our main concern. When you register with us, and we verify your domain name, all of your data will be protected even in the WHOIS database which is the go-to database for domain registrars.

Simple Management

The cPanel platform is known for its user-friendly and comes with numerous features to manage the data MySQL email, MySQL statistics and data tracking, and SEO optimization. Web hosting using cPanel is simple to maintain and provides everything you require to enjoy the most pleasant experience.

24 / 7 Customer Service

Our experts are genuine supporters with a never-say-die attitude. They won’t rest until the problem is resolved. They are accessible at all hours, every day! We don’t accept support ticketing or lengthy wait times. In general, we reply in 30 mins.

Automatic Renewal of Domains

If auto-renewals are required we’ll try to deduct the balance on your account first. If there are not enough funds in your account, we’ll first try your credit card first and then follow with the other cards within the timeframe you’ve specified.

Search Your Domain Name

.com 11.48$  > 8.5$           .net 13.10$ > 10.20$            .info 10.98$ > 7.20$

Looking for something else?

New Domain Name Registration

Create a domain name and establish your own online identity. Utilize our tool for creating domain names to create your perfect domain in a matter of minutes. The domain registration services we offer have many domain extensions you can choose from. We also offer top-of-the-line security for all one of our domains.

WordPress website design and development

We are able to provide customized WordPress web design and development. We have specialists in the field of WordPress who will take care of everything related to WordPress, from zero to 100. We design unique WordPress themes along with WordPress plug-ins that are specifically designed for your website.

Best web hosting and server hosting services

We offer servers that are reliable service and also web-hosting services that are available online. We provide affordable web hosting plans that include cloud-based web hosting as well as shared hosting that makes moving domain name to a new host as simple as it can be if you purchase a hosting plan with us.

SSL Certification

Improve your website’s security and SEO rankings by buying an SSL certificate. We provide an SSL certificate when you buy premium or commercial Web Hosting packages. Alongside the hosting plan, we provide no-cost SSL certification for any other services you might consider buying in the future.

Email Services

The email address of your domain such as [email protected] could help your business or image appear more professional and increase trust with prospects, customers, and clients. It could boost the popularity of your website as well as your business.

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Professional and experienced VPS hosting support team is just a phone call away.

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Rackset's Domain Registration FAQ

A trusted brand, we’ve mastered the ropes of managing domains. Over 2 million customers can confirm this. Our advanced infrastructure and knowledgeable help desk staff will ensure that you have an exceptional experience overall when we help you manage all domain-related issues.

The process of transferring domains typically takes around 5-7 days to complete. There are many elements to consider — such as cooperating with your previous registry, and the owner who ensures that the domain is locked with the appropriate authorization code.

In essence, it’s not possible. During the process of transfer, you can’t alter your WHOIS registration details, change your nameservers, or renew your domain subscription. But don’t fret, these modifications can be quickly accomplished after the transfer has been completed.

A transfer lock can be known as a registrar lock, as well as a domain lock. The transfer lock serves to protect your domain from being stolen or lost. Every domain is protected by the transfer lock, however, there are a handful of TLDs that employ a different process to lock the domain.

Domains are locked to stop unauthorized transfers of domains. While some domain companies give users tools for unlocking your domain, others need you to make contact with them to get you to unlock your domain. In some instances, the domain cannot be unlocked due to certain circumstances. This could be due to your domain name being transferred or registered within the last 60 days or if the domain was locked because of an investigation in progress or a dispute.

Find the details of your domain’s owner using a WHOIS lookup. Our WHOIS tool lets you look up any domain and locate important information about the domain.

Be In Touch with Us

If the information here is not enough and you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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