Benefit Bare Metal Server for Your Business Applications

A bare-metal server refers to a physical server that is dedicated to one tenant. A tenant can configure the server to meet its specific needs in terms of performance, security, and reliability. Hypervisor servers are an alternative to bare metal servers. Multiple users can share the computer, storage, and other resources of a virtual server. Bare metal servers can also be called single-tenant physical servers or managed dedicated servers. The operating system is directly installed on a bare-metal server. This eliminates layers and delivers better performance.

You have the option to buy a bare metal server and take advantage of its features.

Blazing Fast and Secure

Bare metal hardware are tuned for performance and features.

DDoS Free Environment

Security measures are easily integrated such as full encryption.

Powerful Hardware

For demanding server resource applications, very high performance.

Completely Dedicated

It does not use virtualization and has no hypervisor overhead.


$ 5
  • 1 Site
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 GB Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


$ 7
  • 2 Sites
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


$ 9
  • 3 Sites
  • 150 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 GB Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Our VPS‌ Hosting Plans Include

NVMe Disk Drive

This NVMe bare metal server allows you to access data at very consistent and fast speeds.

100% Dedicated Hardware

Create your server using a variety of RAM, CPU, and storage options. All this is on 100% dedicated server’s hardware.

Expert 24/7 Bare-metal Server Support

Our support team is experts when it comes to bare metal and is available 24/7.

Full Control

You can have complete control over your server and do what you want as long as they are in the rules.

Bandwidth in Bulk

The bandwidth we offer to our bare metal servers is unlimited so traffic shouldn’t worry you.

Anti-DDoS Protection

This protects against DDoS attacks that prevent real users from accessing your server.

Litespeed Web Server

The LiteSpeed web server is the fourth most popular web server that we install on our servers.

Money back guarantee

All of our bare-metal plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Each bare metal server we offer comes with a team of experts monitoring it and guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

All Rackset's Bare Metal Sever Features:

improve website performance, availibility and uptime

Maximum Performance

Bare metal servers are always more efficient than virtualized solutions like cloud hosting. This is despite having identical amounts of CPU cores, RAM. Many factors can affect virtual server performance and cloud solutions. With bare metal servers, you are almost guaranteed you’d get the maximum performance out of the server you have purchased.

High Scalability for Demanding Workloads

To protect physical servers, monitoring, backup power, and network connectivity are provided. We are responsible for the management of the interconnect hardware that powers the server. This guarantees 99.9% uptime as well as SLAs. As a dedicated customer, you don't need to worry about infrastructure. All technical issues are taken care of by us.

high available reseller hosting

99.9% Uptime

Use a stable environment with high uptime. To ensure you are able to focus on scaling your business, we guarantee minimal to no downtime. Having no downtime is crucial for a bare metal server hosting or a dedicated server as most people tend to purchase these plans to avoid any downtime for their web applications.

No Noisy Neighbors

Layer 2 network virtualization creates isolation, which means that customer workloads are not affected. Customers can expect the best performance from their entire bare metal server hosting when combined with the fact we don't oversubscribe compute and networking resources.

Latest Technology

We continue to develop new technologies to allow users to access their services remotely and less dependence on physical stores. All of our dedicated servers are made in-house using the most recent technology to ensure the quality and security that our clients deserve.

Secure Infrastructure

A single-tenant, physical server called "bare metal" that isolates your data, applications, and resources. This allows for greater security and privacy than a virtual server. These servers can eliminate the "noisy neighbor effect", as they don't share your resources with tenants such as hypervisor servers.

US and Europe Data Centers

Choose one of our data centers in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain to optimize your visitors' experience. No matter where you are located, you will always get 24/7 support. Our dedicated Professional Services team can also help you with server management.

More Bare Metal Server Features

The features that Rackset’s Bare Metal Server hold for your satisfaction:

Ultra-low Latency Network

All of our bare metal server hosting have redundant physical networks (4 interfaces for redundancy), dual supply, and hot-swap disks. Which eases the traffic on a network and ultimately will lead to low latency.

High Durability

Bare metal server hosting comes with 100% on-demand performance. The server can serve multiple functions. It can serve as a WordPress server, with a MySQL Database, and an Apache front end.

High Reliability

We manage the interconnect hardware to power your dedicated server. This guarantees 99.9% uptime. You don't need to worry about the server running, or if any configurations are broken.

Advanced Monitoring and Firewall

Advanced server monitoring is the key to having a secure They provide protection against intrusion, DDoS protection, malware prevention, web application security, and DDoS protection.

Bare Metal cPanel Server

Panel is a well-known control panel that is integrated into most dedicated and physical servers. cPanel is beginner-friendly and it allows almost everyone to control their server environment without any technical knowledge.

Private Networking

All bare metal server hosting resources belong to you and your clients. This protects your server from third parties and allows you and your clients to use it without any security breaches.

Why Rackset's Bare Metal Server Services

Why is our business the world’s best bare metal server provider? All of the servers we provide are built with the most up-to-date components. We provide cheap bare metal server plans with high-performance capabilities that may be tailored to each company’s unique requirements. With just a few clicks, you can host your website and deploy resilient infrastructure.

Why Rackset's Bare Metal Server Services?

Why is our business the world’s best bare metal server provider? All of the servers we provide are built with the most up-to-date components. We provide cheap bare metal server plans with high-performance capabilities that may be tailored to each company’s unique requirements. With just a few clicks, you can host your website and deploy resilient infrastructure.

High Security

A secure bare metal dedicated server must come with Anti-DDOS software that may help you keep your website safe from hackers. Which nowadays, is a requirement for any type of server.

Technical Assistance

Contact us via email or telephone to get technical support. Chat with one of our experts to receive assistance. Access an online help center and a range of guides to assist you in installing and managing your services.

No Cost Migration

Our engineers will handle all aspects of the process. You can rest assured that everything will run smoothly. Once you have given us your go, we will begin the process of migrating all your data from the old server to ours.

Low Prices

Our dedicated servers are affordable so that your budget doesn't suffer. Low-cost dedicated servers offer the best option to get the benefits of a dedicated server rather than a virtual private one.

Same-day Setup

Servers can be set up in as little as 120 seconds at our data centers around the world. A reliable and secure network can ensure uninterrupted service for your customers.

Why Would You Need Server Services on Bare Metal?

Bare metal servers are more efficient because they do not require a hypervisor layer. This is the virtual machine monitor that creates and runs VMs, and manages guest operating system execution.

General Purpose

Large companies and cooperatives that require a lot of resources in order to manage their websites and make them as user-friendly as possible, opt-in to bare metal servers which offer everything they might need.

High CPU

The bare metal server is a combination of CPU and other resources. Most bare metal servers have the best CPUs in the market. It can handle all your needs without problems.

High Memory

The memory, or temporary hard drive, that is responsible for running the applications on your server is called memory. The more memory you have the better and quicker the performance of your server.

Support for All Major Operating System

We provide various different operating systems for bare metal servers. All the major OS are available. Details listed below.

Meet Our Support Team

Even though we offer cheap bare metal server, our support team consists of excellent and talented individuals.

Here’s how you can contact our support:



Online Chat

Live Chat



Ticketing System

Support Ticket

Other Services in Our Portfolio

In addition to offering Bare Metal Server, we offer other services as well.

Cloud VPS

In a cloud setting, a VPS can be scaled up or down based on your resource needs.

WordPress Hosting

We also provide WordPress hosting Services for WordPress website owners.

Bare Metal Servers FAQ

The term “bare metal” meaning is not limited to hypervisors. A bare-metal server is a single-tenant, regular server. It can also be used as a host for virtual machines if you add a hypervisor or virtualization software. A customer can rent the servers hosting the public cloud from a cloud provider to host it, or they can rent the services.

Bare metal servers are more efficient because they do not require a hypervisor layer. This is the virtual machine monitor that creates and runs VMs, and manages guest operating system execution. The operating system runs directly on the server. The hypervisor can cause performance degradation on cloud servers by draining resources.

These servers can be used in situations where data-intensive, short-term tasks are required. Security is another benefit to bare metal. Security-sensitive organizations were initially reluctant to move their data into the cloud because of the risk of violating regulatory compliance in an environment that had multiple tenants.

bare-metal server is a server that has a single tenant and can be controlled by one client. Clients can use bare-metal virtualization to install a bare-metal hypervisor directly on the server’s hardware. This allows virtualization technology, including private clouds and virtual applications, to be enabled.

In essence, a bare server gives you full access to your machine’s hardware and allows you to make changes as needed. Only one client can be hosted at a given time on both dedicated and bare-metal servers. This means you have full access and control over your processor, storage, memory, and other resources without worrying about being affected by other users.

VM cloud is a good option for dynamic workloads that require high performance or are easily managed by larger VMs. Applications that are very dynamic and need to be up and running quickly, such as temporary workloads, must be spun up within minutes and then shut down. If the application is performance-sensitive, bare metal can be unbeatable.

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