Basic feature web hosting

Disc space

  • The disk space is given to the customer by the hosting provider.In this space you can upload your own photo, video and text ..

Email Account

  • Email accounts are a typical element of facilitating, particularly on the off chance that you are Hosting an domain. There are three principle sorts of email accounts: POP3, sending, and nom de plumes

FTP Access

  • After you have made your site pages on your PC, you have to exchange those records to your web server. The records are exchanged to the server by utilization of FTP.

All packet

Web Hosting

Purchase additional resources in less than a few seconds (CPU, RAM, I/O, and so forth.)

Web Hosting

every minute of every day security checking and DDoS insurance

Web Hosting

Easy installation of more than 20 applications (WordPress, Joomla,Drupal)

Web Hosting

Fully flexible control panel

Web Hosting

Data storage at least in 1 GB space

Never miss your job

  • Never lose your work again.

Ever invested hours searching for a lost or ruined record or envelope? It can convey you to tears. For $2.40/mo, you can ensure it never happens again. Webpage Backup and Restore spares all your site documents to the cloud once per day.
So whenever you lose something for any reason, you can reestablish it with a solitary snap. Furthermore, get appropriate back to work.

Choose a hosting company

  • Our 1-click application ¬†install makes it simple to manufacture your site with the application you adore. Need a CMS? Joomla and Drupal are yours for a tick.
  • You have 125+ applications accessible with cPanel/Linux facilitating.