18 Digital Marketing Types You Should Know to Boost Your Business

18 Digital Marketing Types You Should Know to Boost Your Business

One of the main elements in launching a new product is to set a purposeful strategy for increasing your sales. In this article, we will discuss 18 types of digital marketing and show you how you can perform them. It would be better to apply all of these digital marketing types on your website and make it more popular in the marketplace. 

What is digital marketing?

digital marketing-vWhat is digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to apply a good strategy to increase your business credit and sales. You can perform the marketing of your services or products using digital technologies. The Internet will help you with your digital marketing.

Why digital marketing matter?

digital marketing - Why digital marketing matter?

If you ignore setting your digital marketing strategies, you will face a great loose. Digital marketing is an essential part of your business which can increase your success possibility.


Types of digital marketing

1- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

digital marketing- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is called SEM and is another type of digital marketing.

You can increase your website traffic by both free and paid methods on search engines. You can optimize your website content and become more visible on searches for free.

Search engines like google and bing provide you a possibility to become more visible in searches by choosing the paid method. You need to pay some money in exchange to show your add to your target audiences.


2- Affiliate Marketing

digital marketing- Affiliate Marketing

This kind of digital marketing has become so popular these days. It would bring you good results and increase your income if it becomes successful. When a company partners up with another business, and the traffic and sales of that company increases, it should pay a commission.

This cooperation would happen by putting your website link on another popular website. This will guide many users towards your website.


3-Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

digital marketing - Affiliate Marketing

Pay-Per-Click is a subset for paid digital marketing which is used to drive more traffic to your website. Actually, you buy visits to your website. You need to pay money every time someone clicks on your ad in the search results.


4- Content marketing

digital marketing - Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing types which has been so popular for many years. You can attract more audiences through valuable content created with high quality. Your content should be relevant to your target audience’s needs. You will avoid sending spam and useless advertisements by having good content marketing.

Creating unique blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and other content are subsets of content marketing. 

In any digital marketing activities, you should use content marketing rules which can help you have better feedback. These marketing activities are such as email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and so on. 


5- Email Marketing

digital marketing - Email Marketing

Sending emails is another way to efficiently interact with your customers. You can introduce your services and products by sending customized emails to each customer. Provide good copy for your email content and encourage customers to click on your website link within the email. Email marketing is one of the most important types of digital marketing which you should never ignore.


6- Search engine optimization (SEO)

digital marketing- Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important types of digital marketing which you should consider if you want to increase your organic traffic from search engines.

Your website must appear when someone searches for your products or services. Any search engine should be able to recognize your website content and guide true visitors through it.

To attract more audiences and increase more free traffic from search engines, you should optimize your website content from the beginning. Using relevant keywords in your blog posts and website copy, building suitable backlinks, enhance your website loading speed and other such facts should be considered to optimize website content


7- Instant Messaging Marketing

digital marketing- Instant Messaging Marketing

Using instant messengers has been popular for many years. Most of your customers prefer to check your messages on their messengers such as WhatsApp or other online platforms.

People are not willing to check all emails and SMS are receiving, but they would check personal messages on their online messaging platforms. This is because they feel more friendly with the sender and they believe that it doesn’t include any vulnerable or spam content.

You can message your announcement of new products or services, new blog posts or other valuable content.


8- Television Advertising

digital marketing- Television Advertising

Television is still one of the most popular mediums which can help you find your real customers. Interestingly, most of the people spend more than 4 hours in front of their TVs. So it is very probable that they see your advertisements on television. Try to create excellent content that transfers your main idea in just a few seconds.

At first, do some analysis, know your audiences and choose the best time for your ads on TV.


9- Radio Advertising

digital marketing - Radio Advertising

When we talk about radio marketing, most people think that it is traditional advertising which has been expired. It’s not right since radio has its own audience and you can benefit from this type of digital marketing with a good strategy. You should know your target customers, choose the best time to advertise and hire a person with an attractive voice to intone your content. 


10- Influencer Marketing

digital marketing - Influencer Marketing

This type of digital marketing has been so popular lately. In influencer marketing, you need to hire people on social media channels like Instagram with a large number of followings. The influencer connections must include your target market.

The influencer will advertise your products or services within their pages and introduce you to a new community. 

If you have a correct selection of influencers, you will reach many new customers among that new community. This can increase your real followers too.

Before hiring anyone, make sure that the influencer’s followers are not fake accounts.


11- Viral Marketing

digital marketing - Viral Marketing

In viral marketing, you need to always be up to date to the world’s new trends. By posting some content according to such trends, you will be able to drive huge traffic to your website in a short time. People are always looking for trends, so it would be helpful to always have something to say about them.

Viral marketing needs so much effort and time, but it will increase your brand visibility.


12- Social Media Marketing (SMM)

digital marketing - Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is the method in which you use social media platforms to attract more attention and traffic. When using social media, you would be able to contact to your audiences and customers directly. So you will know them better and try to satisfy them by providing better services.

You can engage your customers more with your brand by sharing interesting and valuable content and persuade them to have more interaction with you on any social media.

These kinds of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing and social media marketing are called “inbound marketing” which goal is to drive more traffic to your website and attract their attention.


13- Website Design

digital marketing - Website Design

Your website design is one of the digital marketing factors. By considering so many website design tips in your web design processes, you will attract more attention to your website. To have a good result, try to hire a UX and UI specialist and use the best web design tools.

When visitors reach your website, they need to be encouraged to explore it more. Your site should be easy to navigate and eye-catching enough.

It would be helpful to always follow web design trends while creating your own website.

Since most of the people are using WordPress as their website platform, you need to have a unique WordPress website design which makes you distinct from others.

14- Mobile Phone Advertising

digital marketing- Mobile Phone Advertising

You can perform each of these digital marketing methods on a mobile phone. It is essential to promote your marketing activities for mobile devices since many of your target audiences are using their mobile phones while checking your ads.

One of the marketing methods which is dedicated to mobiles is SMS advertising. You can send your special offers, news, and announcements to your customers as SMS on subscriber’s phones.


15- Google Ads

digital marketing - google ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular digital marketing tools which can be considered as an online advertisement platform. It follows the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model, which means that you need to pay for each click on your ads on the Google search engine.

By setting Google Ads for your site, you will appear on top of the search results in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Your ads should have an interesting copy that attracts internet users and encourage them to visit your website.


16- Online Advertising

digital marketing - Online Advertising

Online marketing has been known as a common digital marketing method. Placing banners and display ads on popular websites are considering online advertising. Google has designed its own platform which is called Google AdSense. This powerful platform enables you to display your ads on other websites.

 Also, some other sites are working as advertising companies that sell ad space on many websites. You can buy some of these spaces and introduce your brand better to a bigger community.


17- Landing Page Marketing

digital marketing - Landing Page Marketing

A landing page is a web page of your site on which visitors land when they search you for the first time. Each landing page should be well-designed, have an eye-catching CTA (Call to Action) with an interesting copy.

Landing pages play the main role in your marketing campaign. When users face your ads, they are probable to click on your site link. This link will guide them to your landing page.

You can put your landing page links as banners or ads on other popular websites.


18- Web hosting

digital marketing - web hosting

This is not one of the digital marketing types, but it is the most important element which you should pay attention to while deciding to launch a website or an application. Your web hosting platform should provide you the best load speed and highest uptime. If you are using the WordPress platform for building your website, it is essential to get the services of WordPress hosting which improves your WordPress website performance.

This will prove your loyalty to providing good services or products. So try to find the best web hosting provider which enhances your efficiency.

This guide to digital marketing tips will help you to become more visible in the marketplace. By following each of them, you will help your website becomes more popular during a short time, and increases your brand credibility.


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