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Are you deciding to launch your own website and starting your online business?
Don’t worry about choosing a qualified platform for your website; just start creating your imagination, and WordPress will come to help you to achieve your goals.
Developing and writing code for a website from scratch requires a lot of resources, both money and time. Now by having enough knowledge of WordPress benefits, you can design your website and achieve your goals much sooner than before.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which can be dedicated as your website platform. It is the most popular software which has helped many businesses of different sizes throughout the years. There is no difference between designing a simple blog or an e-commerce website; This CMS will help you to create whatever you want, or even customize its elements. There are many themes to choose at your disposal. It will assist you in designing the best WordPress website.
We will cooperate with you in launching your new product and help you with your WordPress website design. Our experts in Rackset are ready to hear your needs and apply your favorite elements to your WordPress theme or even code your theme from scratch.

Now let’s analyze many benefits of using WordPress to see how it would be helpful in our way of creating our dreams. By knowing WordPress advantages, you can make the most use of it.

advantage of wordpress


This CMS is an open-source software, which means its source code is available to be customized by everyone. WordPress has a huge community that has been organized to utilize this open-source software and make effective changes to this software and to keep it updated at all times.
We in Rackset can apply your favorite features using WordPress open source code and change its functionality or appearance from scratch. This is one of the most significant WordPress advantages.

2. Free

This feature makes WordPress the most popular software that every person can use without worrying about its cost. It also helps people to concentrate just on their business and try to promote it, so if you want to start a small business, you can easily take its steps. Also, multiple free themes are available to use in your WordPress website design.

3. Easy to Use and Customize

WordPress developers have made it very easy for WordPress users to work with this content management system. You don’t need to deal with difficult codes to create what you are thinking about. So it would be a big chance for developers to change any features in WordPress, but also it is an opportunity for amateurs to design their own websites without coding it. You can easily download and install WordPress as a platform of your website.
Uploading any new images or publishing new posts is a piece of a cake.
So if you are an amateur or even you don’t have much time dedicated to this labor, let our WordPress website design experts apply your features to your website and enhance its functionality or appearance.
We provide you one year of free WordPress hosting in Rackset and install your WordPress on your host just by one click in a short time.

4. SEO-Friendly

WordPress benefits - SEO

To have a successful business and enhance your website rank and also have a reasonable conversion rate, you should consider SEO rules on your website. But by using WordPress, you don’t need to worry about it. This issue is one of the most important advantages of WordPress that helps small businesses to grow in a little time.
WordPress experts have developed many SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO, and many others, which help you to control and analyze your website SEO in search engines.

5. Safe and Secure

WordPress benefits - Safe and Secure

You know that whatever is connected to the internet, can be under attacked. This case must be considered in any online business. Your website should be secure enough to have efficient performance. One of the benefits of WordPress websites is that it provides you high security, which secures your website’s content and improves its functionality.
Besides WordPress facilities that provide you high security, we offer you our SSL services which empower your website’s safety.

6. Flexibility to Changes

Any changes can be applied to the WordPress platform. If you have a simple blog or an e-commerce website, you can run your WordPress website without any trouble.
Also, multiple free and premium plugins and themes are designed to improve your website performance and appearance. WordPress is flexible to work with all these plugins and themes.

7. Mobile Responsive

These days, most of the people search their needs by their mobile phones. So, it is crucial for you to be available on any device; furthermore, it affects your website ranking in Google. WordPress will do it automatically and make your website, responsive on any device. Also, there are many plugins which help you to develop your own application related to your WordPress website, so you don’t need to pay much money to develop an appropriate mobile app.

8. Various Theme Designs

WordPress benefits - Various Theme Designs

Many themes with attractive styles have been designed by developers. You can search to find your favorite theme, download and install it on your WordPress easily. You can also change each theme feature and apply your style.
Let our experts apply whatever you want on your selected theme in our semi-dedicated WordPress website design plan, they can even develop a customized theme from scratch, following your style in our dedicated WordPress website design plan.
Just send us your request for designing your WordPress website and get the benefits of one free year WordPress hosting plan and support of Rackset.

9. Multiple Plugins with Different Functions

WordPress benefits - Plugins

No need to use codes to add new functionality to your WordPress website. This is one of the other WordPress benefits in which you just need to download the plugin related to your needs, and that function will be applied automatically to your WordPress website. For example, by installing Contact Form 7 on your WordPress, you can simply add a contact form to your site.

10. Easy to Update

Make sure your WordPress is up to date with the latest version. Also, your installed plugins should be updated. Many hackers are looking forward to finding such outdated WordPress or plugin versions to manipulate their codes and finally steal your content and information. This CMS will be updated just by one click, download its new version in WordPress Official website or from your WordPress dashboard.

11. Easy to manage Multiple Media

You can handle any kind of media on your WordPress website. Video, image, and audio are compatible with this CMS. It is possible to share your YouTube videos, Instagram, and Twitter posts on your website. Just paste your posts links of each social media in the WordPress post editor section.

12. Social Media integration

WordPress allows you to handle your social media within this CMS platform. By this WordPress advantage, you don’t need to login to each social media to manage and analyze their contents. WordPress platform is integrated with all these social media such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on, and you can manage your contents on each of them.

13. Build-in blog platform

WordPress has been designed for the first time to be an excellent platform for bloggers, so it includes the essential features of any blog such as comments section, and subscribe option for your blog content. Also, your blog RSS is available for your users, and they can see updates of your blog posts on every website page.

14. Support Team

Any websites need a webmaster as support. But WordPress dedicated a team of experts to support WordPress websites. Also, each plugin is supported by these experts. The support team is always ready to hear from you and solve your problems in no time.

15. APIs

WordPress has dedicated multiple APIs (Application Programming Interface) in its platform for ease of connecting many 3rd party applications such as social media to your website. This option has a significant impact on your performance and management of your website contents.

16. Save Users Time

You don’t need so much time to create an attractive WordPress website. This CMS will save you time, and enhance your speed and efficiency in creating your new website. This is the other benefits of WordPress websites which all of us need it in these busy days.

17. Website Analytics Built-in Plugins

Analyzing your website and its contents is an essential part of your business which you should care about. You should always check your contents and analyze whether they had any impact on users or not. WordPress has provided many plugins within this CMS, which you can track your website easily with the help of them. Some of these plugins are so popular such as MonsterInsights, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, and Analytify. Install such plugins, monitor your activities, and enhance your performance. These plugins are designed to develop WordPress benefits.
We in Rackset will provide you SEO and website analytics services which besides these WordPress plugins will help you to have a more active presence in the marketplace.

18. Easy to Control your Website

WordPress with its powerful dashboard will let you have complete control on your website. Every page, every post, users, and their activities in your website, purchases by customers and other options will be easily under your control.

19. Define Main and Subsidiary Users to Manage Website

This issue promotes the management of your website with your co-workers. You can define some subsidiary users in WordPress setting and give full or limited access to each of them. This is one of the useful advantages of WordPress which enhance your website management.

20. Community of Developers

WordPress benefits - Community of Developers

Many developers all around the world are sharing their knowledge to solve each other’s problems in WordPress platform and website. You can join these communities as a developer or a user to share your expertise or search for suitable solutions.

There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular and practical CMS to create and manage your blog or complicated website. The goal with this software is to save your money and time as well as boosting your efficiency.
If you want to start your own business, let us help you to run your website on the WordPress platform and use mentioned WordPress benefits in your online business. Our WordPress website design consultants are ready to hear about you; just drop us a line.
Do not forget to find a professional hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting to host your WordPress website easier.

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    3. Content management
    4. Integration
    5. And importanly security.
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