WordPress 5.7 Updates and Fixes

latest wordpress 5.7 release updates fixes

2020 was a great year for WordPress and everyone who has been using WordPress. The company released major updates and improved the quality of its content management system. In 2021, the company is already showing signs of improvement and looks like they have no plans to slow down. WordPress plans to release 4 WordPress updates this year, and the official WordPress 5.7 release date is set for March 9, 2021.
There are many updates and fixes set to be published with WordPress 5.7, and in this article, we would like to discuss them and talk about WordPress 5.7 releases and fixes and what will help you more with your WordPress website design or development.


WordPress 5.7 Releases and updates

WordPress 5.7 is focusing on the editing aspect of your website with major WordPress 5.7 fixes and updates coming to the popular Gutenberg and core files of WordPress. Gutenberg will get additional blocks that users can use. Also, it will have a better UI with tools to design themes. On the other hand, the core updates of WordPress 5.7 will focus on a different aspect of WordPress.


In WordPress 5.7, you can enable lazy-loading of iframes by adding a simple attribute to iframe tags. To enable lazy-load in iframes, simply add loadig=”lazy” to the iframe’s front-end editor. Moreover, there have been some changes made to switching a WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS.
In WordPress 5.6 and below, if you were to change HTTP to HTTPS, only the web address would have been updated, and your content would remain the same in the database and use HTTP URLs. With the WordPress 5.7 releases, your database and URLs are also updated to the HTTP version once you switch to HTTPS.


There are also changes coming to the WP-admin CSS, and primarily the colors are changing to a single palette. This change targets CSS colors and turns them into one shade of grey, yellow, red, green, blue, black, and white. This change will help you to create designs that users can read without any issues.


Furthermore, the new Robots API enables filter directives in the robot’s meta tag. Also, the max-image-preview:large directive is now included by default, which allows large images to be previewed in different search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., unless the blog post is not public.
As mentioned above, there are improvements in the editor as well. Gutenberg is a popular WordPress editor that most WordPress themes are fully compatible with it. In addition, a lot of WordPress users prefer Gutenberg over other editors because it is installed in WordPress core files, and there is no need to install any third-party plugins.


WordPress 5.7 Release Date

WordPress 5.7 release date is similar to WordPress 5.6 update. WordPress 5.6 alpha was 86 days, whereas 5.7 was 78 days. WordPress 5.7 had the same number of days for the beta, which was 21 days. The general release date for WordPress 5.7 is expected to be two weeks after the release candidates, which is going to be March 9, 2021.


In this article, we talked about WordPress 5.7, the changes coming to this update, and the Gutenberg editor’s fixes. WordPress 5.7 is expected to release on March 9, 2021, with new features added to the Gutenberg editor and general updates to the WordPress core files.

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