how to earn money online (40 Top Jobs)

In these recent years, most people prefer to earn money through the internet without any labor. In this article, we will discuss 40 jobs to show you how to earn money online. You can start your own online business or do digital tasks for many companies. You just need to know the key features of each business and try to have a good and acceptable performance to attract more customers and make more money.

By choosing the best job which fits your capabilities, maximize your income through the Internet.

How to Start An Online Business

When you decide to start your online business you need to pass some processes. Domain registration and buying a web hosting service with high quality are the basic tasks to do to start your business online.

You can check the complete list of tasks to have your own online business in this article. (link to how to start an online business)

Now let’s check the best ways to make money online and see which one is best for you.

1.Google Adsense

how to earn money online - Google Adsense

Most of the time when visiting a website, you can see many boards on that page that are dedicated to ads of other websites. They need to advertise their products and services on websites with a high range of traffic.

So if you have created your own website or blog and succeed to drive much traffic to your website, it’s time to sign up for a free Google AdSense Account.

After submitting your website, Google will analyze your website traffic and give you a code which you need to put it on your website. They will pay you for each click on these ads on your website.2.Consulting

how to earn money online - Consulting

If you are an expert in your field of study, you can share your knowledge with others who need your deliberation. Provide consulting services through a website and dedicate an amount of money for each of your services. There are many people out there who need professional consultation but they have not much time to get a present one.

3.Online Courses

how to earn money online - Online Courses

Attending online courses has been so popular during these years. When you don’t have much time to spend in classes, you prefer to attend online courses at home and also pay less money.

If you are a teacher or even if you think you can teach others and share your knowledge, set up a website, introduce yourself to many communities and show them how you can teach them by your online courses.

4.Book Sales

how to earn money online - Book Sales

If you are good at writing books, you don’t need to refer to a formal publisher and pass the processes of publishing and printing the contents. Create your ebooks and sell them within your website. Nowadays people are looking for ebooks rather than printed versions. If you think you can write such books that attract users to pay for them, start to write or share your books which have already written on a website platform.

5.Answer Online Surveys

Many companies are working on their new products and need your feedback on some questions. By answering their online surveys, you will be paid for a little money. That would be a good way to make money in your leisure time. Answer some questions and earn money.

6.Freelance Writing

how to earn money online - Freelance Writing

When you are talented in writing and creating interesting content, you have a great opportunity to sell your words. Send your resume to many companies who need a content writer or create your website and suggest some packages for your writing services. Many companies need someone to write content with high quality.

7.Become An Influencer

how to earn money online - Become An Influencer

If you have a website with high traffic or a social media page with a high number of followers you can sell some spaces on your platform and dedicate them to other websites. Many companies are willing to pay an influencer in order to promote their services or products on their pages.


how to earn money online - YouTube

Youtube is the most popular platform in which you can make money online. Create amazing videos within your channel and attract audiences’ attention. By increasing views of your videos, youtube will pay you per each visit. You can also become an influencer with your youtube channel and promote other ads on your videos. This can also increase your money.

9.launch a startup

how to earn money online - launch a startup

Do you like to have your own business? Everybody is able to launch a startup but it’s not much easy to grow it. You should have enough knowledge of managing an online business. You can make money by selling your services or products within your website. Do not forget about marketing tips which will help you to have a better showoff in the marketplace.

10.Affiliate Marketing

how to earn money online -Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the ways to increase your income by sharing others market on your website. Advertise other websites’ products or services with just a link that guides visitors to the target website. Any purchase through the affiliate link in your Website dedicates a percent of that Service or product cost to you.

11.Selling Software

how to earn money online - Selling Software

People are always looking for multiple software which is practical on their computers, mobile phones or any other devices. So you can create a website, collect information about the most useful software and provide various kinds of them on your website. Users will pay you for each of them and will back to you for other software.

12.eCommerce website

how to earn money online - eCommerce website

Many people prefer to buy their needed goods from online shops because they have not much time to spend in the market.

If you can provide many physical products, you’d better create your eCommerce website and sell various products. You can sell clothes, digital devices, and accessories, stationery objects, etc. that wouldn’t be an easy online business, so before starting your eCommerce shop, be sure that you can manage any aspects of it.


how to earn money online - Coaching

Each person who is experienced enough in coaching athletes, can start a website with useful content and sell his or her advice. If you are a successful coach, it’s one of the best ways to make money online. Share your knowledge and help people to have better performance in their field of sport.

14.Join a Remote Company

You can work for other companies from your houses. Search for companies that are looking for remote employees. You can serve them with any skills and work for them as a part-time or full-time remote employee.

15.Start Testing Websites

how to earn money online -Start Testing Websites

This is one of the ways to make money online. There are a lot of websites that have many weaknesses in their design, codes, security and other aspects. If you are an expert in each of these fields, you can start to test websites, list their bugs and suggest their solutions. They will pay you a lot of money for this task. Even you can have your own website and provide testing services within it.

16.Join Freelance Job Sites

how to earn money online -Join Freelance Job Sites

There are many global websites that you can register and start your business as a freelancer. Many employers have defined their projects in various fields and you can accept which fits your knowledge. By the end of the project, you will catch your complete wage.

17.Do Graphic Design

how to earn money online - Do Graphic Design

When you are a talented graphic designer, you can sell your designs online. Every website needs attractive designs for their website content. Try to create unique designs, share them in your social media pages and encourage people to order your designs for their website. 

18.Email Marketing

how to earn money online - Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing activities. It has special rules and tactics to write a creative email text with an attractive design and call to action. If you are experienced enough to work as an email marketer, send your request to many companies and earn money online.

19.SEO Services

Any website needs to be optimized for search engines. This optimization helps them to be seen in the search results. You as an SEO specialist can provide search engine optimization services on your own website or even work in an individual company. 


how to earn money online - Copywriting

Audiences need to be attracted when visiting websites or applications. Copywriter’s tasks are to write a suitable copy for each part of a website such as pages, products or services introduction, call to action, etc.

21.Sell Your Crafts

how to earn money online - Sell Your Crafts

This is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to earn money online if you are an artist. You just need to prepare basic materials and create many handmade goods and crafts such as jewelry and accessories, toys, clothing and shoes, and so on. 

22.Sell Your Art

how to earn money online - Sell Your Art

Drawings have great roles to decorate houses and many other places. If you can draw amazing arts, start to sell them and convert them to your major business. Design a beautiful website with an organized gallery and show off your arts. Many people will pay you to have such great art in their places.

23.sell photos

how to earn money online - sell photos

You can start your online business by capturing unique images and selling them. You just a professional camera and a website to share your captured photos. Never forget to be creative. People will pay for images that they can find nowhere.

24.Rent Your Home or Room

how to earn money online - Rent Your Home or Room

If you have an extra house or even an extra room within your house, you can rent them to others. Sign up for websites which provide renting services and share your house to earn money online. Some many tourists or travelers are looking for a place to stay for a few nights. Your house can be a good choice for them.

25.Sew and Sell clothing

how to earn money online - Sew and Sell clothing

By sewing special and stylish clothes, you can have a successful business in this marketplace. This is a kind of eCommerce shop that just provides clothes. Increase your website traffic and requests by many beautiful clothes and selling them online.

26.Teach various languages

We can say that everybody needs to know the second language. If you know even one language more than your mother tong, you can teach it online. You just need to know the teaching rules and can perform them. Record videos from yourself while teaching or hold online classes.

27.Remote Accountants

how to earn money online - Remote Accountants

All businesses need an expert accountant to manage their incomes, pay employees wages and many other accounting tasks. If you are such a person to manage a company’s financial terms, send your request and ask them to check your resume.

28.Translate texts, audios, and subtitles

There are many requests for translating texts such as books, articles, documents, etc. Also, people need to translate audio or subtitles of clips and movies. So they can have all of these services or some part of them with you. Just introduce yourself and show users how much able you are in translating. That will increase your income through the internet.

29.Web Hosting Reseller

Providing web hosting or server hosting is one of the ways to earn money online. You just need to own a website, provide a hosting reseller service and start to sell hosting services through your website. Also, search for the most popular services which users are looking for such as WordPress hosting.

30.Proofread Articles

You can choose to be a writer or something more than that. Not all the writers know the proofreading rules. So they need an expert to edit texts and apply proofreading tips on them. You can work as a remote editor on freelance websites, build your own website or send your cooperation request for many companies.

31.Online Travel Consultant

If traveling is one of your favorites, you can make money by helping others find the best places to visit. Create your own website with any content related to traveling and set your consulting packages. You will ask every visitor to pay an amount of money and receive your travel consulting. Don’t forget to ask them for feedback about the places you offered them.

32.Data Entry

If you want to know how to make money online with a simple task, this would be the best one. Not all the companies have enough time to enter their data into their website, social media pages, and other platforms. If you are familiar with the most platforms, data entry would be a good online business for you.

33.Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most essential activities for every business. They should introduce themselves to a huge community, using social media platforms. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the ways of marketing in such media, that would not have any positive effects on business popularity. So if you are an expert in such a field, start your online business and increase your income through it.

34.Remote website designer

Website development and website designing are popular tasks in which you can find thousands of freelancers working on them. With passing essential courses in these fields, you can also join this community and start to design your own websites. You can also choose the WordPress website design field because many people prefer to choose the WordPress CMS as their website platform. 


Every person who has online activity needs a large number of contents every day. We have many kinds of contents that help businesses to grow up. They need content to advertise their services or products and introduce them to people in a little time.

On the other hand, users are always looking for the easiest way to catch the main idea of each content. They prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a video more than reading the content. Now you have this opportunity to help websites by providing podcasts.

36.create and sell cooking videos

If you are a good cook even just in your own kitchen, just record your cooking processes and sell them. At the beginning of your online activity, just share your best videos on your social media pages and just try to introduce yourself to many other people. Then you can sell your videos and there would be many requests for that because your audiences know how many experts you are.

37.edit videos

Video editing needs so much effort because that is not an easy task to do. You need to attend so many courses to become an expert in this field. But after catching the point and learn the most essential tips of editing, that would provide you a large amount of money through online business. marketing services

Are you good at analyzing websites’ data and their performance? Can you work with google analytics, google search console and other analytics tools? Many webmasters are looking for you. This is how to earn money online just by being experienced in digital marketing. 

39.Customer Services support

If you have a great sense of helping people, talking to them and solve their problems, you can join a company as a customer service support. You just need to be familiar with all the services of a company and know how to resolve customer problems.

40.Buy and Sell Domains

This is the last way to make money online which we want to mention in this article. There are many popular domains which people are looking forward to registering. You can be the first person to register them at low prices and sell them at the highest price.

You can start your own business by just creating a website and trying to be more popular in the busy marketplace. Check this article one more time to see how to earn money online, Choose your favorite job and convert into its online version.

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