10 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Freelance Business or Online Brand

marketing your freelance business online brand

Nowadays, a well-established brand has a huge advantage in a competitive industry. It is a brand that makes us choose Coke over Pepsi and iPhone over other smartphones. As a new freelancer, it is up to you to brand yourself and differentiate yourself from other people in your industry. How can you promote a freelance business? Is there any good WordPress website design for a freelancing business? Do you need to hire a WordPress website development company? Which is WordPress web hosting should you choose?

In this article, we are going to answer all of that and how you can promote a freelance business.

10 Awesome Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Business

As a freelancer, you are the face of your business and what people think about the business has a direct impact on the success of your freelancing business. How can you promote a freelance business? How can you show that you are talented and trustworthy for people to hire you? Before you can start promoting your personal brand or a freelance website, you have to consider a few points.

Target your Audience

Knowing your audience can help you reach the right potential clients. You can start building a community of people who think like you.

Sharing Your Skills

share skills to promote your freelance business

By sharing your skills with your target audience, you can identify yourself as an expert in the field. As soon as you start doing a few projects, you’ll start getting referrals from other people in the industry that you have never done any business with, and that’s how you can promote a freelance business through referrals.

Posting about Your Projects

Start by sharing your projects and wins on social media or websites. Also, you can share what you think about any upcoming changes in your industry. This will show that you are paying attention to the changes and open to new ideas.

Make Video Tutorials

make video tutorials marketing your freelance business

By making video tutorials, you can show the industry and, most importantly, potential clients that you know what you are doing and are truly skilled. For example, you can share a video that explains how to come up with a gorgeous WordPress website design and share it on your social media for everyone to see.

Keep Your Website Updated

Nowadays, everyone needs to have a website, especially those who are new to the freelancing world. The most powerful CMS (content management system) globally is WordPress, and most of the websites are using it. By purchasing a WordPress web hosting and a WordPress theme, you can simply go live and start publishing your previous work and blog posts.

Keep in mind, your website, whether it’s the content, testimonial, or even WordPress theme and plugins, must be updated at all times.
Building a website with WordPress is really simple. However, if you are not technical, you can hire a WordPress website development company specializing in designing a WordPress theme and developing a WordPress website for you. WordPress is the most powerful CMS in the world that currently powers over 36% of websites on the internet.

Share Reviews and Testimonials

share your testimonials to promote your freelance business

Most people check reviews of almost everything. We want to know what other people think about a service or a product that we are going to purchase. Having testimonials on your website serves the same values. Showing potential clients your previous work and what previous employers think about the work you did for them.

Build a Network

As slightly mentioned above, connecting to the right people in your industry is the key to promote a freelancing business. You can do so by joining industry groups on different social media platforms, build connections from student job centers, local chambers of commerce, or professional organizations in your industry that are well-established and well known by everyone in the industry.

Finding Recruiters

Go on LinkedIn and find recruiters that work in your industry. By finding recruiters in your industry, you can ask them questions about how other freelancers get paid and how someone new in the freelancing world should get a good footing.

Choose Best WordPress Web Hosting Service

If you are using WordPress for your portfolio website, make sure the WordPress web hosting you are using is efficient for incoming traffic. There are few different hosting plans that different hosting providers offer. If you have enough budget, we highly recommend purchasing a WordPress VPS designed and configured specifically for a WordPress website.

If the hosting plan that your WordPress portfolio website is using isn’t able to handle incoming traffic, your website won’t have visitors on it. If you are working on building a personal brand, that is very bad and may have a negative impact on your freelancing website.

WordPress Theme

The theme for your WordPress portfolio website should be optimized for SEO and speed. There thousands upon thousands of themes in the WordPress repository and most of them are free. However, some free themes may lack the feature an inspiring freelancing may be looking for. As mentioned, the WordPress theme must be optimized for SEO so people can find your content on different search engines such as Google. Moreover, the speed of the theme is the key for Google to rank your website. Another key factor of a WordPress theme is that it must be fully responsive so mobile users can access your website without having any issues.



In this article, we discussed how to promote a freelancing website and how to brand yourself. When it comes to branding, there are several key factors that you must consider. First, you have to target your audience; who are you going to sell your skills to? Build a portfolio website. It is necessary to have a portfolio website where you can share your previous work, testimonials of employers, and post about upcoming changes to your industry.

Having a website alone isn’t enough to promote your freelancing career; in addition to that, you have to start building a network of people with the same mindset as you in the industry and build a business based on referral.


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