Fast and Reliable cPanel Hosting Plans with Rackset!

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel. That’s why at Rackset, we’ve set our focus on hosting with cPanel. There are various benefits of using cPanel as opposed to other control panels such as user-friendly platform, great support and documentation and integration with other applications. 

cPanel Hosting Plans

Our cPanel hosting prices and plans are flexible and incorporate a wide range of use cases. Anyone can find the best fit for their purposes. 


$ 2
First Month / Monthly
  • 1 website
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • 10 database
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • 2 Subdomains
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Free Email
  • Free SSL


$ 3
Starts at / Monthly
  • 2 Websites
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • 30 database
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 30,000 Visits Monthly
  • 100 Subdomains
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Free Email
  • Free SSL


$ 4
Starts at / Monthly
  • 3 websites
  • 150 SSD Storage
  • Unlimited database
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • 200 Subdomains
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Free Email
  • Free SSL


$ 7
Starts at / Monthly
  • 5 Websites
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited database
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 250,000 Visits Monthly
  • 300 Subdomains
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Free Email
  • Free SSL

cPanel Hosting Features

Expert 24/7 cPanel Hosting Support

Professional hosting support around the clock. If you run into any problem with your cPanel host, don’t worry and just contact our support.

cPanel Control Panel

Using cPanel makes the management of a host much more easier and efficient. The overall user experience improves with cPanel.

Money Back Guarantee

You can always count on getting your money back if you’re not happy with the quality of the services, but we’ll make sure that’s not the case.

SSD NVMe Disk Drive

cPanel SSD hosting guarantees high speeds for your host. NVMe disks are the future of computing and using them greatly improves performance.

WordPress Integration

WordPress hosting with cPanel is a lot more efficient and fast compared to other control panels. Instantly access your WordPress files and databases.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Incredibly stable services with 99.9% uptime at all times. We guarantee the uptime levels and we stand by them. It's our mission.

Monitoring system

Advanced monitoring systems constantly check the health and status of all servers in real-time. Issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

Litespeed web server

Litespeed significantly improves performance of web servers with how much content can be served in a second. Expect big performance boosts.

Reliable email service

Email services with cPanel are one of the best options. You can be sure that your emails are correctly reaching the destination inbox in time.

What Sets Rackset cPanel Web Hosting Apart from the Competitors?

We at Rackset have a long history in web hosting, VPS, and domain registration. Our combined exprined along with the talented employees means that we know how to provide the best cPanel hosting in the business.  Our cPanel host provides incredibly high speeds, with the highest levels of uptime, reliability and availability. Our support team is always there to assist you in any potential problems. 

Easy Site Management

Site management is made easy with cPanel. Because of its user-friendly UI, it is much easier to edit your website files or to make changes to the database. Doing so without a control panel can be a daunting task for non-technical users. That’s why cPanel has designed its platform with the end-user in mind. All of its design choices are there to make the process of owning a website that much easier.

Top Notch Security

On our servers, cPanel secure hosting is ensured by using the latest and most advanced firewall and Intrusion detection systems. These systems can detect unwanted and malicious behavior and alert the system administrators in real time. They can also block unusual requests automatically and send the reports.

US Data Center

One of our goals is to provide US-based cPanel web hosting for our customers in the United States. The data centers in the US are up to the required standard for top-notch speeds and reliability. ‌Because we have a large customer base in the United States, working with US based datacenters hugely improves the performance of our services for those customers.

Stay Connected at All Times

Our cPanel web hosting uptime is over 99.9% at all times. We make sure this is the case by utilizing the best hardware for our servers, working with the best datacenter services providers out there, and by having constant and around-the-clock monitoring on all our servers so when issues do arise, we can move quickly to resolve them.

Ultra Fast cPanel hosting

Speed is our focus for all of our servers. High speed cPanel hosting can be achieved in various ways. On the hardware side, because we used the latest technologies such as NVME SSDs and also in the software side by using the Litespeed web server which has 10 times higher speed compared to Apache and NGINX.

High Reliability

Hosting reliability is always an important factor. Customers want to know that their hosting services are always available and accessible so their applications won't suffer any downtime. We guaranteed reliability by combining different factors such as high quality hardware, robust and advanced monitoring systems, and quality support team whose main focus is to keep the systems up and running at all times.

Easy to Install

cPanel is pretty easy to set up and the installation process is straightforward.‌ The installation and setup process is carried entirely by our team so you don’t need to worry about it. We also make sure that the periodic updates for cPanel are always installed in time and if there are any security patches, they’re installed as soon as possible.

Affordable Prices

Despite high performance and quality of the services, we always try to keep the prices affordable and provide a cheap cPanel hosting service. We understand that hosting providers can sometimes charge too much for the services they offer, which can be a lot of overhead costs for a business that is just starting out. Our aim is to help those businesses grow.

Free and Fast Website Migration by Rakset!

Free website transfer

Enhance your website performance and uptime by using a free website transfer to Rackset hosting.  Our hosts can significantly improve the speed and performance of your website in addition to increasing its overall security. Hosting with cPanel has never been easier than with Rackset hosting.

Avoid Downtime While Moving!

There is zero downtime during the website transfer process. Our hosting experts ensure a smooth transition between the two hosts in order to facilitate no downtime at all. This fact helps to avoid any damage to the website SEO or any type of data loss.  We always try to complete the transfer of data in a timely manner as well.

What Websites Are Hosted with Rackset?‌

We already have a huge number of customers that are using our hosting with cPanel plans. The websites are anything from a simple blog to massive ecommerce platforms. 

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Contact Our cPanel Hosting Support Team

We have a dedicated and experienced cPanel web hosting team that are here to assist you. 

Here’s how you can contact our support:



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Do You Need a Custom Web Design?

In addition to providing excellent hosting services, Rackset also offers attractive custom website design services as well.  If you think you’re in need of a new website, or even just want to redesign your current site, get in touch with us.

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If the information here is not enough and you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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