What Is Ping in Gaming?

what is ping in gaming

Multiplayer games are an integral aspect of gaming. Of course, many game modes are online and no longer are there times of dial-up internet where you need your friends to join you to play on a split-screen. Online gaming isn’t without its challenges. However, one of the main issues that plague many players is high ping in gaming. In this article, we’ll discuss the ping in online gaming definition as well as the best VPS for gaming that you can purchase and host your game servers on.


What Is Ping in Gaming?

In the world of gaming, the term “ping” can be used in gaming to define the gap between a player’s input and the server’s response to these inputs. Is it better to have a high ping or a low ping? Lag is the amount of time it takes the action you perform in your game to get to the best game server. The game has registered as an information message from the server to be recorded on your computer. This delay is known as the ping, and a lower ping implies less delay and a more enjoyable gaming experience.


Is It Better to Have a High Ping or Low Ping for Gaming?

The ping is measured as milliseconds which is then reduced to milliseconds. A time of less than 15 ms is usually considered to be excellent. The best ping for gaming ranges from 15 to 45ms, and anything between 45 to 100ms is a bit acceptable. Any ping that is more than 100-250 ms is difficult to play, while anything more than 250 ms can be considered unplayable.

Of course, the ability to play with these pings is contingent on the difficulty level and the kind the game that you’re participating in. Certain genres, for instance, FPS games, are extremely sensitive to pings, with many gamers noticing this issue in the 50-90ms timeframe. MMOs, as well as RTS games, are generally less sensitive to higher pings; however, turn-based games do not have issues with high ping.

People with a high ping are likely to encounter delays (or delays) when playing the game, and this will influence the game’s outcome. In fact, at greater amounts, the servers of a lot of FPS games will instantly cut off players. Some online games show your ping times along with the pings of other servers or players. Let’s buy VPS Hosting as your game server to experience the best ping for your gaming.


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How Important Is Ping for Online Gaming?

Ping can be the most important element in games of high-end quality for the majority of gamers. Esports tournaments that are professional in nature are usually LAN events due to the fact that they minimize the impact of ping. This makes sure that the outcomes of a match are attributed to individual performance and not the performance of the network.

If you observe unusual behavior within your game, specifically in relation to stuttering or characters teleporting, or even hits connecting even though they shouldn’t, it could indicate the high ping. A lot of games, particularly ones that have ping sensors, come with some kind of ping indicator. It is often displayed in the menu for escape or the start of the game while it is in progress, though certain games provide the option of a user interface component. When you buy a VPS hosting for a game server for connection and not using a matchmaking service, the server browser usually has a ping indicator and will often allow players to sort the games by the most effective speed.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ping is Too High

top 5 reasons why your game ping is so high

1. Internet service provider quality

It’s not always important when dealing with the requirements for gaming, but selecting an internet service supplier (ISP) over another could make the distinction between winning or losing the game. If you’re in a league or to win real money prizes, then the stakes are higher.

ISPs may not offer the same features and features. There are many aspects to take into consideration – such as cost and speed, latency and reliability, availability and data.


  • Be aware of the differences between upload and download speeds

Speeds of download refer to how fast data is downloaded from the server. Upload speeds indicate how quickly you transfer data to other users. While download speeds are crucial, however, upload speeds are more crucial for online gaming due to the fact that high latency (or low ping) relies on high upload speeds. The speed of your upload has a greater impact on game response times and speed than downloading speeds.

If ISPs discuss their speeds, they’re talking about speeds for downloading. For example, the ISP might offer a plan that has 50Mbps (megabits per second), that is, the amount of data transferred per second, which is most likely to refer to download speeds.

The same applies to the plan for uploading. The maximum speed for uploads could be lower than 1 Mbps. While upload speeds of one Mbps are acceptable for many online games, the ideal speeds for multiplayer and specific tournament games or live streaming are in the range of 3 Mbps.


  • Wired vs. wireless

For gaming, wired connections are more suitable than an internet connection that is wireless internet. The wireless connection is more prone to interference and isn’t quite as constant as wired ones. Additionally, they add delay because they use airwaves to connect to you. Be sure to check the method your ISP uses in order to link you with the web.

Another factor to take into consideration is the method of transmission. The ISP could connect to the internet using an ordinary modem such as a cable modem, the local area network (LAN) or digital subscriber line (DSL) or fiber. To play online games, fiber connections are the most suitable among all choices since it’s reliable and has extremely low latency. If fiber isn’t readily available, then cable or DSL connections are suitable for high-speed connections too.


  • Equipment

The equipment that ISPs offer is typically adequate for basic internet use, but it may not provide enough gaming requirements. You might require a change in your system, particularly when you own at least three devices that are connected to the Internet.

The performance of your router and your modem will influence the speed that your network operates. Your router, specifically, is the primary switchboard that handles the connections of all the devices connected to your network. The default model that your ISP offers might not be fast enough to support the connectivity you require. Make sure you check you’re using an older and possibly not strong enough model.

Also, whether you have any additional devices connected to your router, if you do, you could be increasing the latency of games. A variety of devices, specifically ones used to play games on video or streaming, require more bandwidth. When you link your laptop directly to the Internet, then you’ll see lower latency as well as faster connections.


  • What can you do to fix it?

Make use of Ethernet cables for connecting your laptop and any other devices for gaming directly to your router if there are gigabit Ethernet ports in your router. Not only are they cheap, but they ensure quick, direct, steady and low-latency connections.


2. Speed of Internet Connection

Alongside the numerous aspects that determine the performance of your ISP, Internet connection speed could influence how much the speed at which you ping (or the latency). A faster connection speed lets you transfer and receive data quicker which reduces the ping. However, a slower connection speed could cause high ping, which makes the lag noticeable when playing online games.

Cable, satellite, and fiber connections can provide fast speeds; however, only fiber and cables provide low latency. A dial-up connection using a 56k modem, for instance, has an increased ping when compared to an excellent broadband connection.

While many ISPs offer discounts for the three-in-one bundle (or more), including internet connectivity, television, telephony, and the internet, make sure you do not sign to multiple services on the same line since it could negatively affect the speed of your internet connection and the latency.


What Is the Best Choice for You?

A fixed-line wired connection allows for more reliable data transfer over wireless networks, which results in less latency and more fluid gameplay. Also, it ensures that other devices aren’t surfing the web simultaneously and using up bandwidth.

The majority of ISPs offer a range of choices for speed of connection at various prices. If you’re unable to improve the speed of your connection through your current ISP or another, you might be thinking about changing ISPs to one with more speed.


3. Inadequate Bandwidth

Gaming bandwidth requirements aren’t as critical as other aspects, such as connectivity and network efficiency. However, you need to make sure you have enough bandwidth to meet your gaming needs.

For streaming sports, for example, you’ll have to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth to upload. Insufficient bandwidth can impact the time needed to send data out and return, leading to a higher speed (latency) as well, more likely, slowing down during the game.

Although ISPs release their bandwidth figures, they don’t usually include details about the latency. One reason is that it is difficult to establish an amount that is consistent across different setups and locations. We mentioned before that speeds of upload of 1Mbps are sufficient for the majority of online gaming. However, the ping rate is more important in addressing latency issues.

Your latency may be affected by other devices and users that are connected to the Internet within your home, particularly when they’re streaming, using streaming videos as well as downloading massive files. The more devices connected and utilizing an internet connection, the more latency.


Conduct a Test to Determine Your Bandwidth

To find out if you’re receiving adequate bandwidth, you should run a speed test. Speedtest is operated by a company that provides network performance. You can test your current ping speed, upload speed, and download speed. If you’re not receiving the speed that your ISP has promised, you can inform them and ask them to increase the speed.


4. Configuration of the Firewall

Since your firewall is responsible for checking the majority of the data packets your computer transmits and receives, it could be longer than necessary. Even if this duration is measured in tiny milliseconds, it could reduce internet connection speeds and cause excessive latency.

If you’re trying to cut down on latency, it’s possible to disable all Windows antivirus firewalls, such as Norton, McAfee, and others firewalls. Deleting firewalls that are directly monitoring internet traffic, in particular, will reduce the speed of your internet connection.


You can Create Your Game Exception to the Firewall

It is then possible to include your game as an exception in the firewall settings and configure it to ensure that the ports that are used for the game are accessible for traffic. This will prevent your firewall from blocking the game as an intrusion attempt. It allows your computer to transmit information between and to the game.


5. Geographical

Distance between the computer and the server could be the difference between having very low or even high latency. If you can, pick one that is close to you. This will lower your ping since it decreases the time required for data packets to be transferred between you with the server.



High ping in gaming is among the terrifying nightmares for gamers on the internet, particularly gamers that play games with competitive gameplay, such as CSGO or Rainbow Six Siege. If it is in the range of normal, it is not an issue. Issues arise when gaming online. To reduce the ping of your computer, connect to the best VPS for a gaming server that is closer to the area you reside in or switch to wired connections.

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