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web hosting wordpress plugin

It is not hidden to anyone that WordPress is the most popular content management system for running a website. Having wide range of tools and features, WordPress is the most powerful blogging and website CMS.

On the other hand WHMCS is the leading CMS and CRM web hosting management and an all-in-one billing software, client management and support solution for online businesses that can handle any of such operations. In fact WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution is an automation platform that can be merged and used with other CMSs for better UI or blogging purposes.

Imagine how functional and handy the website would be if WHMCS and WordPress were merged and used together. In order to have better integration with WHMCS and WordPress, there are some plugins to install as a web hosting WordPress plugin. Here are some of the most useful ones to take a look at:


1- Bridge Plugin

The WHMCS Bridge is a professional plugin that integrates the WHMCS web hosting software into WordPress. So WHMCS can be added to wordpress using the WHMCS bridge plugin by iPlugin.

By using the Bridge web hosting wordpress plugin, you won’t need to style the WHMCS and WordPress separately to look the same. Bridge can do that stuff for you. The integration process ensures having your WHMCS installation looks like the WordPress website.

The Bridge plugin provides a consistent user experience to your customers and includes two types of premium and “freemium” versions. In the free version you can benefit from features like bridging WHMCS into the WordPress and using client single sign-on (SSO), multilingual WHMCS support and support for WHMCS market connect.

In the Pro version it goes some steps further and the Bridge plugin offers you much advanced features and tools such as short codes, speed enhancements through caching, friendly URL support, SEO titles, cloud slider, premium and pure comparison, pretty permalinks, etc.

Just login to your WordPress admin dashboard and install the WHMCS bridge plugin. Then move to the plugin’s settings. Here you will need to add the WHMCS account URL.


2- WP Hosting Performance Check

To make the long story short, WP Hosting Performance Check is a plugin to check the web hosting server’s performance.

There are times you have access to the front-end and back-end of your wordpress website at high load speeds, but visitors and customers say it is rather slow than fast at times. It seems gremlins are getting into the website and manipulating it.

What really happens at that time? and is it true that your web hosting servers are sometimes slow?

It is often difficult to know whether your wordpress website is really slow or not, or is it as a result of poor internet connection or server’s performance.

These factors are important when it comes to user experience. This web hosting wordpress plugin will gather the data and display graphs of the performance of the server.

It also tracks performance of the web page load speed, which includes all the assets jpg/png/css/js.

So you will find and see the performance of the server for different periods of time by referring to the graphs and you’ll finally find out how your visitors observe the performance of your wordpress website.

When the wordpress site becomes too slow, you will be noticed by an email. Here are some other features of the well known plugin:

 – Ability to load test your WordPress website – see how many visitors you can comfortably accommodate.

– Ability to benchmark your current hosting against other hosting companies.

– Technology index – to give you an idea of how good/poor is the technology your WordPress site is running on

– Artificial benchmark of PHP and MySQL (on the sysinfo page for now).

– PHP and technology index on the hosting comparison pages.

– Bot analysis – how much resources are bots consuming?

There are other kinds of integrations, best of which is using WHMCS WordPress theme.

When you get the desired WHMCS WordPress theme, in fact you have got all the primary integration done for you. For example you will benefit from the Web Hosting WordPress plugins, also your website enjoys from other premium WordPress plugins to help you having and maintaining a hosting website easily by yourself. For example Zipprich is one of the themes exclusively developed for the hosting companies.
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