Web Hosting VS. WordPress Hosting – What’s the difference?

wordpress hosting vs web hosting

Those who have a WordPress website always want to know if they need to get WordPress hosting; well, here is the answer: not necessarily. Theoretically, all hosting services will offer you the tools you’ll need to run your WordPress website. In the following paragraphs, we’re going to discuss web hosting vs. WordPress hosting to enable you to choose the best service that fits your business.

Everyone is aware of the benefits of choosing the best hosting plan for the site, such as ensuring the website works well, knowing it is secure, and offering the best experience for the users. WordPress hosting offers many features specially designed to run your website with maximum performance, while many other plans do not offer these capabilities.


What Is the Differences between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting? Which One Is Better?

First, let’s look at the actual definition of General web hosting and WordPress hosting:


General web hosting

Imagine a single physical server on which multiple sites running different platforms share its space for storing the contents of the site. The general hosting services do offer WordPress site-builders and applications besides a variety of other site builders. They also provide service for the issues related to all of them. Last but not least, the general hosting services are not specifically designed to accommodate WordPress site issues.


WordPress hosting

Again here we have a shared server environment; just like the general web hosting services, with different plans with a variety of levels and prices. However, the difference is that your website will share a server exclusively with other WordPress installs. Here all the services and support are designed due to the specific features of WordPress and the maximum performance of WordPress.


What Are the Advantages of WordPress Hosting?

As mentioned above, in WordPress hosting, the service and the support are specialized for WordPress websites, but what are these specialties?

  • Web technologies for quick setup of your site
  • A Staging site is more quickly and easily transferred
  • Same costum maintenance for all the accounts on the server
  • Serves are protected against WordPress-specific threats
  • At the same time, all the websites on the server can apply bulk upgrades and security patches
  • Offering software support for customers- meaning to help solve any issues such as why your plugin isn’t working, or your text isn’t displaying correctly
  • Most WordPress hosting plans are easy to use for site builders and offer themes, plugins, or even SSL certificates.


What Are the Certain Features You Should Get from any Web Hosting Service?

Uptime of 99.95%

For a business owner, any downtime could mean money lost! So look for a hosting company that offers 99.95% uptime or even more (anything below 99% is unacceptable.)


if you store customers’ confidential information such as their phone numbers, credit card details, or addresses on your website, it is vital to keep your data safe. So when choosing a web host, look for the one that provides basic security measures such as a firewall and malware and spam protection.


As your business grows, so will your website, and as your needs change, you’ll need more space, too. Therefore, choose a hosting company that can provide this extra space.

Great customer support

Try to choose a company that offers support options such as telephone support or live chat.


WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting; Which One Should You Choose?

For a WordPress website owner, it is wiser to choose a WordPress hosting plan. This way you are certain that you will receive the service and support you need to keep your website functioning at an optimal level.

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