Web Hosting vs VPS Hosting – Which Is better for Me?

web hosting vs vps hosting, which one is better

You’ve made the decision to launch a site. You’ve registered a domain and now have to find a web hosting service that can provide you with server space. There are a variety of hosting services that are designed to accommodate different kinds of websites, and it could become confusing. Don’t worry as we’ll discuss the two most well-known kinds of web hosting that will meet your requirements. In this article, we’ll discuss what is web hosting? What is VPS hosting? What is shared hosting? And finally web hosting vs VPS hosting.

In essence, shared hosting is the most affordable of the many options available, as you’re sharing a server with other websites. It comes with a certain amount of resources, however, you’re capable of running a modest website without having to spend a lot of resources. VPS hosting On the other hand allows you to have more control and performance, however, it’s somewhat more expensive.

Down below, we’ll talk more about shared hosting vs VPS.


What Exactly Is Shared Hosting?

Imagine shared hosting is like living in an apartment, where you must share areas like the backyard pool, backyard, or parking lot. In this scenario, your website will be sharing the same resources like processor, disk space, and memory with other users sharing the same server.

Shared hosting is the most affordable choice of all. Your site may be limited in bandwidth and become slow when there’s a large amount of traffic clogging websites sharing the same server as you are.


It is possible to enjoy the pool in the quiet times however, you need to be aware of when everyone comes in and the place gets tight as shared hosting is very similar. The cost friendliness of this type of hosting makes people want to buy shared hosting.



  • A more beginner-friendly host solution
  • Offers a standard configuration
  • Requires less technical expertise
  • The cheapest of hosting choices


  • It often has lower storage and bandwidth than VPS
  • is prone to error when there is a lot of number of visitors
  • You are limited in access to the backend
  • It’s not a way to grant root access.

What Is VPS?

With VPS hosting, you’ll continue sharing one physical server but each user has specific resources. This means that other websites hosted on the same server won’t impact you, as opposed to shared hosting. VPS hosting comes with a distinct virtual partition per user. This makes sure that resources are always available to users. Naturally, VPS comes at a higher cost than shared hosting. But when you buy web hosting such as VPS, you can take advantage of its resources.

If we’re to apply the same analogy that we did previously, then a VPS partition is similar to having an apartment, or even a condo. There are numerous units like this in the building, however, you’ve got everything you require and don’t need any obligation to rent it out to any other person.


  • VPS hosting allows you to have access to the root of your server
  • A lot more memory and bandwidth available, and easily scalable
  • It isn’t affected by any other website’s traffic
  • Faster and more stable than shared hosting.


  • It is priced at a somewhat higher cost
  • Technical expertise is required to effectively manage


Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting: A Comparison

shared hosting vs vps hosting
As if knowing the broad definitions isn’t enough, we’ll provide you with some examples of comparisons between two types of web hosting vs VPS vs shared hosting to help you determine which is the best option for your needs.


Security and Performance

Security is vital regardless of what type of site you have. Both hosting options are safe and reliable methods of hosting your website, however, there are some distinctions.

When you host your site on shared hosting, your website could be affected if there’s an error made by another website. Additionally, if the other sites consume more of the bandwidth shared your site may be slow. This is particularly important when your website is hit with large traffic volumes.

This issue can be avoided with the use of VPS because the partitioned servers ensure every website is working in the same way. If you do not have the technical expertise required to properly manage your virtual private server, you must consider other alternatives. If not managed properly it could cause numerous other issues.


Control Panel

If you’re seeking more advanced options for your website, VPS hosting is more ideal than the shared hosting plans. It gives you access to the root server, allowing you to install your own operating system cPanel, software, and other features to improve the performance of your site and ensure security.

However, shared hosting plans restrict the user to standard server configurations. This can be more suitable for those who do not want to handle server management tasks by themselves.


Server Administration

If you decide to host your site using shared hosting, you can rest assured that there is minimal or no maintenance that you will need to do. Shared hosting providers install their shared servers, install and update the required software, such as cPanel or Plesk and then ensure that the servers are monitored to prevent interruptions and take charge of the backend.

However, VPS hosting is slightly more difficult to manage resources. It requires some more advanced expertise to manage and administrate. Luckily, VPS hosting lets you alter and configure software and applications to boost the performance of your website, provides root access and lets you modify the back end of your website to your specific needs.



VPS hosting makes it simpler to expand when compared to the shared host. While shared hosting can be ideal for a short-term solution or for a smaller online site, you’ll experience more problems with overall performance if your website has large traffic volumes.

VPS hosting permits you to expand quickly and efficiently and, if you are able to forecast the growth of your website, VPS hosting might be an excellent investment for the future.



Shared hosting has the edge in this class. However, VPS web hosting prices do justify its greater advantage.



The hosting plan you choose is dependent on the content you want from your site. VPS hosting offers benefits that shared hosting can’t provide. There are advantages to both hosting choices.

Before you pick a hosting service for your website take note of the features you’re interested in the most.

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