How to Connect to Windows VPS Server on Windows OS

how to login to windows vps via windows remote connection

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will address one of the most controversial problems that arise between users of VPS as well as Microsoft Windows, which is about how to access Windows server on Windows using RDP. We’ll go over a remote desktop connection and how you can connect to a server once you buy Windows VPS server hosting using its IP address.

First, we’ll discuss what a remote desktop connection is and then how to access VPS using a remote desktop.


What Is Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is among the essential tools in Microsoft Windows, which is responsible for Windows remote desktop connectivity. This program, available in every version of Windows, lets you gain remote access to your computer and work on it on the internet.

Once you have established your RDP link to the computer, it is possible to effortlessly control it as if it was right directly in front of you. We believe that you understand the reason this software is believed to be so important for its users.


Connect to Windows VPS Server from Windows in 3 steps

In the next section below, you will be able to see the various steps involved in setting up an internet connection via a remote desktop on Windows 10. It is important to note that we have selected Windows 10 by way of illustration in this article. The procedures used to establish the RDP connection with another version of Windows are similar to the ones we have used in this guide.


Step 1: Launch the Remote Desktop Connection software

connect to windows vps server via remote desktop connection

To access your Windows VPS server, click on the Start Menu, All programs, Accessories, and locate Remote Desktop Connection. Choose the Remote Desktop Connection icon, and double-click it.

Or you can type “mstsc” into the Run textbox and then press Enter.

For a simpler method, simply type remote desktop within the box for Remote Desktop.


Step 2: Type in an IP address

ip address on remote desktop connection on windows os

Once you buy Windows VPS hosting, you will be given an IP address that you can use to connect to a Windows VPS server from Windows. In the window that appears, type in the IP address of your server into the “Computer” field, and then select “Connect”.


Step 3: Type in Your Username and Password

username and password on remote desktop connection to connect windows vps on windows os

At this point, the following window will appear. It is necessary to enter your password and username in this window, then click “Ok”.

You can click on the “Remember me” box to save your username and password in case you need to connect again. Congratulations. After following the steps mentioned above, you’ve now been connecting to your Windows VPS via RDP. Now is the time to begin with your Windows VPS and run any software you want, exactly like your personal computer.


How to Close Remote Desktop Connection to Your VPS

When you are done with your work then, you can simply end your Remote Desktop connection like the image below:

  •     Hit the Start Menu button.
  •     Find the icon that looks like a human, then click it.
  •     “Sign in” Click “Sign out”

It is important to end the RDP connection when you’ve completed your work, particularly when you are using an unsecured public computer. If it’s your own device, and you are planning to return to the RDP session in the near future, it is fine for you to maintain the connection alive. If you have any errors with credentials detected, you can try this solution.



Congratulations, if you are reading this, it means you now know how to access Windows VPS using remote desktop connection. You can easily connect to a Windows VPS server from Windows via RDP by using the username, password and IP address that has been given to you once you buy Windows VPS server hosting.

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